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"Lorenzo is a master coach. He knows just when to push your limits or downshift and change tactics. His grasp of logical progressions and deconstructing complexity is world-class."
-Tim Ferriss
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur
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jim courier lorenzo beltrame tennis

"Whether working me out in Orlando or on the road at tournaments or Davis Cup ties, his coaching was invaluable. I only associate myself with world-class coaches and Lorenzo certainly fits that description.”

jim loehr lorenzo beltrame

"I have worked with Lorenzo for over 20 years. His ability to mentor and coach athletes of any sport on mental toughness, both individual and team is unparalleled. His competence and character are truly extraordinary. Lorenzo truly cares about those he coaches.” 

kynan chenai lorenzo beltrame

Kynan Chenai

Olympian Shooter

"In my sport of Trap shooting, it’s all about being mentally and physically at peace with yourself. I was looking for someone who would make me understand this in a very realistic manner. When I started my high performance training with Lorenzo, it was like a fresh new sun had risen in my brain. The concepts he made me look at in my life were amazing. They were relative to performing at a elite level in sports, and also in sections of my life as a whole. The training I am doing with Lorenzo, which saw me through the Rio 2016 Olympics and will see me through the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, is in my opinion the best decision that I made to enhance my performance in my sport to a new level."

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roy block lorenzo beltrame

“I have been working with LBPS for the past year on establishing an optimal performance state covering all aspects of my life. Initially I worked with LBPS to improve my performance racing in the Continental Tire Series.  Last year at Sebring race my max heart rate was 188 (finished 23rd), while this year it was 166 (finished 9th).
I have successfully worked with LBPS to establish similar performance states with my companies, as well as in completing the completion of my Doctorate degree in business administration. Results have been astonishing: first top 10 finish in the Continental Tire series, business growth exceeding 30% annually, and successfully completing my ultimate degree academic requirements."

david fish andrew rueb harvard lorenzo beltrame

"Lorenzo is in a class by himself. His insights into the mental game and how to compete at your best more consistently are priceless. What we like most about the program is his emphasis on developing character through competition.We've seen amazing results in both the on-court performance and the life-skills piece as well. A lot of the other approaches lack the rigor, daily work and follow-up that Lorenzo provides. And his delightful manner and kind nature make him the perfect mentor." 

Roy Block
IMSA Driver & Business Owner

Jim Courier

International Tennis Hall of Famer

Jim Loehr, Ed.D.

Renowned Performance Psychologist & 
Best Selling Author​

David Fish & Andrew Rueb

Harvard Men's Tennis Coaches

Johanna Konta
Winner of 3 WTA Titles

“Lorenzo has the incredible ability to see the strengths and attributes that you have, and helps you develop the tools that you need to be able to use them maximally. He believes in enabling you to be self sufficient, and self reliant, which is what I believe to be the greatest gift any coach can give to their pupil. He not only made me a more equipped tennis player, but also a more resilient, and well rounded person.”

cara black lorenzo beltrame tennis

Cara Black

Former #1 Doubles Player

"I worked with Lorenzo throughout some of the most important years of my career. I have never met anyone with a bigger passion for tennis. His love and enthusiasm for the game is very contagious and inspiring. There is never a dull moment on the court with Lorenzo. He has this amazing ability to occupy your mind for hours, tactically and technically. There is a real vision and purpose for everything he does. Lorenzo is a very energized, fun, outgoing and loyal person. He gets incredible joy and satisfaction out of helping people. I enjoyed every minute we worked together.”

atanu das lorenzo beltrame

​Atanu Das

Olympian Archer

"I am very much changed and very blessed after meeting Lorenzo. Before meeting Lorenzo, I was very sensitive, and I used to become negative with the smallest things. I was working very hard to be successful, and if something went wrong or I didn’t meet my expectations I would get down on myself. After meeting Lorenzo, I feel so much positivity in myself. I learned to appreciate, I learned how to do better, and how to always stay positive. It’s hard to put into words how much this has helped me.  I now look myself a very positive, strong person, and that is thanks to Lorenzo and his program. He helped me to improve not only my game, but my life. Thank you, Lorenzo, for taking me in right direction."

mike way harvard lorenzo beltrame

Mike Way

Harvard Squash Coach

"Lorenzo Beltrame of LB Performance Solutions made all the difference to our season this year. We have always addressed the mental side of competition but his program took us to a whole new level. My Assistant Coach called it 'the missing link' during our first training weekend. How right he was.
His approach is for life in sport and life beyond. A fast track to maturity and the never ending path of personal growth."

masha belaya tennis

Masha Belaya

William & Mary Tennis Player

"I am incredibly humbled and proud to have known Lorenzo for almost 13 years now. When I was a mere 11 year old, he took me under his wing and for the next 6 years, his guidance, confidence, and passion not only gave me the tools to be a successful junior and eventual collegiate tennis player, but it allowed me to grow and develop into the person I am today. I would spend 4-5 hours a day on the tennis court with him (not including travel to countless of tournaments together), experiencing triumphs, heartbreaks, and everything in between. Lorenzo has an incredible quality of putting all of his passion and drive into his work and to this day I strive to emulate that same quality in everything that I do. His dedication makes a lasting effect on those he works with, as evident through his lifelong connections with many of his students. When you work with Lorenzo, you not only get an incredible mentor, but a lifelong friend as well."

arjun matane tennis

Arjun Watane
UCF Tennis Player

"Under Lorenzo’s supervision as a tennis and mental coach, I competed nationally in both juniors and college tennis. Our time together has improved me as a mentally tough student-athlete. For many years now, he has guided me and helped me find purpose and enthusiasm in my tennis career. Even now, as I begin medical school on my path to becoming a doctor, his lessons hold tremendous value in my professional career and daily interactions."

Mari Coetzee

Internationally Recognized Performer,

Julliard School of Music

"Lorenzo is an incredibly effective, intelligent and caring coach who truly understands what it takes to perform at the highest level. He is also one of the kindest individuals I’ve met. From the first moment it became clear to me that Lorenzo has a genuine interest in bringing out my best using the ideal balance between both challenging me and encouraging me to find the answers within myself. His unique and highly practical approach integrates the many dimensions of what is takes to perform at the highest level. Being in pressure-filled environments puts stress on a person’s character. Therefore Lorenzo’s emphasis of becoming a strong and complete person in order to be a great performer is especially powerful. Working with Lorenzo has been life-changing, and I am incredibly grateful to him for all of his experience and wisdom. I look forward to our continued work together, as it has now become an essential part of my training both as a musician and as a person."

masha belaya tennis

Sam Lampman
West Point Tennis Player

"During my junior tennis career, Lorenzo taught me how to deal with my failures and successes. These skills proved to be invaluable while conducting myself as an athlete, cadet and student. As a cadet at West Point, I realized that failure happens just as much as success. Whether it be on the tennis court, in the classroom or during military training, I found myself relying on the training and techniques I learned as a junior tennis player with Lorenzo.”

sam lampman tennis

"I have felt noticeably "mentally stronger" on the tennis court when I have been following Lorenzo Beltrame's scripting regularly. By "mentally stronger," I particularly mean better equipped to handle adversity, pressure, and changes in score, both by feeling calmer and approaching difficulties with a can-do, problem-solving attitude. This was borne out to greatest effect for me when I won the Men's Doubles National Championships.


I have also used Lorenzo's techniques for more academic purposes, most notably in my preparation for the Rhodes Scholarship interview weekend. I knew that, just like a tennis match (and just like life for that matter), the interview weekend would have highlights, moments of adversity, and plenty of changes in dynamic in between. In the weeks leading up to the interview, I tried to script as many of these moments as I could. The scripting must have worked, because contrary to all my expectations I was elected to the Scholarship! I am so grateful, because I know this would not have happened with Lorenzo Beltrame's teaching."

Xavier Gonzalez

Harvard Tennis Player, Rhodes Scholar

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