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Lorenzo Beltrame was born in Milan, Italy and moved to the United States after finishing his professional career in Italy. Former director of the legendary LGE Performance System / Human Performance Institute tennis program, Lorenzo has personally trained dozens of professional athletes, including 9 players who reached the #1 ranking in the world.


He currently resides with his wife in Jensen Beach, FL. Throughout his coaching career, Lorenzo worked with dozens of ATP and WTA touring professionals including Jim Courier, Pete Sampras and Cara Black. 

lorenzo beltrame
Developed numerous top juniors who were recruited by prestigious institutions such as:

William and Mary, Clemson, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Harvard, West Point, University of Pennsylvania, Samford, Rice, Stetson, University of Chicago, Duke and Cornell among others.




master professional


leadership & sustainability
University of Cumbria




specialist in competitive player development


international master professional
Mental Training
lorenzo beltrame billie jean king


Lorenzo has studied and applied Dr. Jim Loehr’s renowned mental training system to a variety of sports for nearly two decades. Having worked with Olympic, professional and collegiate athletes as well as with their coaching staff in a wide variety of sports, Lorenzo has developed a vast experience in mental toughness training for both team and individual sports. He has been responsible for the development and delivery of the Mental Toughness Certification Program for coaches at the Human Performance Institute and has designed and implemented critical components of the training.

Billie Jean King and 2016 PTR Professional of the Year, Lorenzo Beltrame

2007 Coach of the Year

US Olympic Committee

2007 “Doc” Counsilman Science Award

US Olympic Committee

2015 Member of the Year

Florida Professional Tennis Registry

2016 Professional of the Year

 Professional Tennis Registry

2016 PTR Professional of the Year

Our 25 years of experience has demonstrated that sustainable top performance is the result of consistent systematic training in the technical, tactical, physical and mental dimensions of the game. Players must train in an environment reflecting high morality and performance excellence in which everyone feels challenged, appreciated, encouraged and respected.  By repurposing as a vehicle to grow your character strengths, such as self-confidence, respect for others, resilience, self-control, and joyfulness, we motivate our athletes to maximize productivity in every practice and performance in every competition.


lorenzo beltrame jim courier

Jim Courier

International Tennis Hall of Famer

"Whether working me out in Orlando or on the road at tournaments or Davis Cup ties, his coaching was invaluable. I only associate myself with world-class coaches and Lorenzo certainly fits that description.”

Atanu Das

Olympian Archer

"I am very much changed and very blessed after meeting Lorenzo. Before meeting Lorenzo, I was very sensitive, and I used to become negative with the smallest things. I was working very hard to be successful, and if something went wrong or I didn’t meet my expectations I would get down on myself. After meeting Lorenzo, I feel so much positivity in myself. I learned to appreciate, I learned how to do better, and how to always stay positive. It’s hard to put into words how much this has helped me. I now look myself a very positive, strong person, and that is thanks to Lorenzo and his program. He helped me to improve not only my game, but my life. Thank you, Lorenzo, for taking me in right direction."

atanu das lorenzo beltrame
mike way harvard lorenzo beltrame

Mike Way

Harvard Squash Coach

 "Lorenzo Beltrame of LB Performance Solutions made all the difference to our season this year. We have always addressed the mental side of competition but his program took us to a whole new level. My Assistant Coach called it 'the missing link' during our first training weekend. How right he was.
His approach is for life in sport and life beyond. A fast track to maturity and the never ending path of personal growth."

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