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Online Coaching Program

One-on-one and group on-line programs delivered remotely are personally supervised and administered by Lorenzo Beltrame. Participants receive a workbook containing the exercises done together. Participants will work on 10 modules with relative assignments. During the program, participants submit their work and receive written feedback daily,  phone calls and zoom meetings a minimum of once a week as a regular part of the curriculum. After the completion of the program participants have the option to continue working with Lorenzo Beltrame through daily emails, phone calls and video conferences.

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• The difference between great competitors and great athletes.
• The High-Performance Route (HPR).
• HPR and top performance.
• The real benefits of competition.
• Generating a clear, compelling reason for training & competing.
• The impact of self-talk and body language.
• The importance of scripting training and competitive events.
• The importance of connection
• The impact of gratitude
• A new perspective on pressure
• The importance of seeking challenges for personal growth
• Becoming a fully developed and fully functional human being by building character strength.
• The anatomy of mental toughness: building competitive, social, and ethical muscle.
• Designing a specific training regimen to become mentally tough.

The Online Program Includes:


The pricing model includes preliminary assessment and consultation,  access to digital module workbook, YouTube videos, feedback phone calls and Zoom video meetings. 

If you are interested in finding out more and making the Online Program work for you, please contact us.

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