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Lorenzo Beltrame, former director of the legendary LGE  Performance System / Human Performance Institute tennis program, has personally trained dozens of professional athletes including 9 players who reached the #1 ranking in the world.  In addition, young tennis players in Orlando, under his guidance and mentorship, were recruited by many of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country including Harvard, Cornell, West Point, William and Mary, Samford, Georgia Tech, Rice University, Stetson, University of Georgia, and Clemson. 


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The LBTA (Lorenzo Beltrame Tennis Academy) is committed to developing generations of outstanding human beings able to successfully compete at national and international levels.

By following our guidance, our players should expect to play college tennis upon graduation.


25 years of experience have demonstrated that sustainable top performance is the result of consistent systematic training in the technical, tactical, physical and mental dimensions of the game. Players must train in an environment reflecting high morality and performance excellence in which everyone feels challenged, appreciated, encouraged and respected.  By repurposing competitive tennis as a vehicle to grow players’ character strengths, such as self-confidence, respect for others, resilience, self-control, and joyfulness, we motivate our athletes to maximize productivity in every practice and performance in every match.


Players follow a demanding year-round technical, tactical, physical and mental training regimen. In addition to their tennis lessons, they are encouraged to pursue academic excellence.


    School Year
    Monday - Friday

4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

    Monday - Friday  

9 a.m. - Noon


Star Island Resort & Club

 5000 Avenue of the Stars

Kissimmee, FL 34746



UCF Tennis Player

Under Lorenzo’s supervision as a tennis and mental coach, I competed nationally in both juniors and college tennis. Our time together has improved me as a mentally tough student-athlete. For many years now, he has guided me and helped me find purpose and enthusiasm in my tennis career. Even now, as I begin medical school on my path to becoming a doctor, his lessons hold tremendous value in my professional career and daily interactions. "


William & Mary Tennis Player

"I am incredibly humbled and proud to have known Lorenzo for almost 13 years now. When I was a mere 11 year old, he took me under his wing and for the next 6 years, his guidance, confidence, and passion not only gave me the tools to be a successful junior and eventual collegiate tennis player, but it allowed me to grow and develop into the person I am today. Lorenzo has an incredible quality of putting all of his passion and drive into his work and to this day I strive to emulate that same quality in everything that I do. His dedication makes a lasting effect on those he works with, as evident through his lifelong connections with many of his students. When you work with Lorenzo, you not only get an incredible mentor, but a lifelong friend as well."


West Point Tennis Player

During my junior tennis career, Lorenzo taught me how to deal with my failures and successes. These skills proved to be invaluable while conducting myself as an athlete, cadet and student. As a cadet at West Point, I realized that failure happens just as much as success. Whether it be on the tennis court, in the classroom or during military training, I found myself relying on the tennis training and techniques I learned as a junior player with Lorenzo.”


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